Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Short Poem

This is a short poem I wrote for worship today:

We worship a God who in heaven resides,
He is not in one single place.
Where ever we go, he is by our sides,
And he knows our name and our face.
So think about that, where ever you go,
Let the world see Jesus in all you uphold.
Otherwise, how are they going to know,
His love is more precious than gold.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where their loyalties lie????

The office of Alaska Governor, and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, has decided it will not cooperate in the investigation into whether or not Palin fired the state's public safety commissioner after he refused to fire a state policeman who was divorcing her sister.  This is according to this cnn report.

There are several quotes in the report I have serious problems with.  Consider the following:

"As state employees, our clients have taken an oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution, and for that reason, they respect the legislature's desire to carry out an investigation in support of its law-making powers," Attorney General Talis Colberg, a Palin appointee, told the investigation's manager in a letter released Wednesday. "However, our clients are also loyal employees subject to the supervision of the governor."
And this quote:
"Moreover, two lawsuits have been filed challenging the legitimacy of the investigation," Colberg wrote. "On behalf of our clients, we respectfully ask that you withdraw the subpoenas directed to our clients and thereby relieve them from the circumstance of having to choose where their loyalties lie."
I would argue that as state employees, these workers' loyalty should be to the citizens of Alaska who pay their salary, not to the governor.  The rule of law, not loyalty should be the guiding principal here, and Governor Palin needs to remember that she, as well as her employees, do not work for themselves or for her, but for the people of Alaska.  If Palin broke the law, and her employees know it, they should be compelled to testify.