Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From the Beginning to the End

The following is a poem I wrote for an assignment in New Testament class. We were asked to re-read revelation and write a poem, hymn, responsive reading, etc.

In the beginning God created, that's where our story will begin.
From darkness and chaos came light and form and a short time later us.
In the creator's image we were made, all women and even men.
We lived in paradise, had all we needed, there was no need to fuss.
But we wanted more, to be like God. And so we learned to sin.

Before we fell walking and talking with God was possible every day.
It must have been like heaven on earth – the existence God intended.
We had it all but did not know we were blessed in every way.
God let us choose, and choose we did. And paradise was ended.
All that was new began to age, and away from God we began to stray.

Years, centuries and millenea have passed, creation is no longer new.
Many do not have the basic needs: food and a roof over their head.
We destroy the world the Lord created and pollute the skies of blue.
We don't protect the helpless the innocent or mourn them when they're dead.
Even though we don't deserve it, God still says I have not forgotten you.

We have talked about the beginning of the story and so we move to its end.
Everything that we have made old, God will make new once again.
A new Jerusalem free of destruction and sorrow from heaven will descend.
And, as in the beginning, God will once again dwell among women and men.
Suffering, pain and death will all pass away. On this we can depend.

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