Friday, June 02, 2006

A little Hebrew Lesson

Here's a little lesson from what I have learned so far in Hebrew. The above 3 characters are my first name in Hebrew. Remember, Hebrew is read from right to left, the first character is Gimmel (G), and the dot under it represents the vowel "I". The second character is a Yod, and is actually the Y character, but it is not pronounced. It is only there as a vowel marker for the "I". The last character is a Lamed (L).

Here's a little lesson we learned today. The Hebrew words will be written as you would prounounce them in English:

Hebrew Word - English Word
Who - He
He - She
Me - Who
Dog - Fish

The above is actually just a device to help remember Hebrew pronouns, but its also really funny (at least really funny as divinity school humor goes).

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