Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Website

In my first semester at Wake, I have helped a number of students with their computer problems, and suggested a lot of free software. Obviously, we are living on limited budgets, so this software can help a lot. But, the software I listed will be useful to other users as well. So, take a minute and visit the site. It isn't anything fancy, but it provides some good resources. If you know of some software or websites that should be added, leave a comment or send an email. You can visit the site by clicking here.

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Eric said...

A great list of stuff, to be sure. Naturally, everyone also has their favorites, so I thought I'd share some of mine...

Internet Software
At work, IT declared Internet Explorer to be the corporate standard for web browsing. As a result, many of the internal web sites were developed without testing any other browser, or worse, specifically bounce out anything else without giving it a chance. Avant Browser ( came to my rescue by wrapping the IE browser in an interface that provides tabbed browsing, ad blocking, popup blocking, and several other goodies. I still use Mozilla software at home, though.

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) ( is the audio ripper to use if you're more interested in high quality than in blazing speed. EAC is very cheap - the cost of a postcard - and uses error correction to ensure that it reads the CD accurately. In some cases, it can even extract the audio from a scratched CD that won't play in a standard player. I haven't ripped a CD using anything else in years.

Web Sites
Mail2Web ( is a great way to check your email from anywhere in the world if your ISP or email provider doesn't supply you with a web-based viewer. In most situations, it can figure out how to log you in using nothing more than your email address.