Sunday, January 08, 2006

Trivia Question

I have been spending some time over at Yahoo Answers which is a new service from Yahoo that allows users to ask and answer each other questions. It has been very interesting to read and answer some of the questions in the religion area. The answers to one of the questions caused me to post my own:

How many cows did Noah take aboard the ark?

Feel free to leave your answer in a comment. And don't cheat by looking at the comments first.


Eric said...

A: 14. The Bible first states that Noah was to take "two of all living creatures," (Gen. 6:19 NIV) then states that he is to take "seven [pairs] of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate." (Gen. 7:2 NIV) Some translations omit the word "pairs" from Gen. 7:2, but that is a nonsequiter given the phrase that follows. Logically, the two are not at odds, since the second statement forms a subset of the first.

Gil Gulick said...


Kent said...

I agree and disagree with Eric. If you are refering to "cows" generally, then yes 14 would be correct, but if you refer to "cows" as the female of the species, wouldn't it be 7?...Something to think about.