Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Design Looses in Court

In a November post, I posted some of my feelings about Intelligent Design being taught in science classrooms. I am opposed to the teaching of I.D. in science classrooms not only as a first amendment violation, but because I don't think faith should ever be held up to the standards of science. (I'll be happy to explain my position in greater detail, just leave a comment and we can start a discussion. I am on my winter break from Divinity School right now, and just don't feel like writing that much!)

A federal appeals court ruled against the teaching of I.D. in science classrooms in Dover, PA. The Baptist Joint committee's new blog has just about all the information you need. You can go to the main blog site by clicking here. Or, here are a few links directly to articles on the blog:


ID Judge: Adult or Child Could See...

You can read the whole decision by clicking here, and read a great commentary by Brent Walker by clicking here.

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