Friday, October 14, 2005

We're in Washington

We have arrived in Washington, DC. After a 7.5 hour bus ride in a hot bus, we have arrived at our accomodations. The William Penn house is a Quaker retreat center in Washington. Its only a couple of blocks from the capitol, but as our professor said, "Its not the Holiday Inn...its not even the Red Roof Inn." He said it wasn't as bad as some camps he has been too, but its worse than any I have been to. This picture is of my friend Dean in the bottom bunk. I have the top. There is 1 bathroom for the guys. Its two rooms over. We have to go through a closet, and duck below the clothes bar to get there! If you turn the light off, the ceiling fan goes off as well, so we unscrewed the florescent bulb! Why am I in divinity school again?

Anyway, I will post more pictures as I get the chance. I am connecting to the internet via my cell phone, so it is really slow. But I had to get online to post this picture!

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Julie Laney said...

Hey! It doesn't look as bad as the place I spent Saturday night in South Georgia with my grandmother. There were holes in the wall that looked like they had been duct taped over and painted (very sloppily) and the towels were a very close cousin to sandpaper! But at least I got a double bed!

I share your misery!

God Bless!