Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Off to Washington!

Well, I am officially through all of my mid-terms. (Although I really only have 2.) I got a B+ on my Old Testament Interpretation midterm, and took my History of Christianity midterm yesterday. I am doing well, although History of Christianity is a struggle for me. The first exam covered from the beginning of Christianity through just about 1200. So, the good thing is we have the rest of this sememester and next to cover the next 805 years! I am still getting all A's and B's, although the History of Christianity exam might change that.

This week I am off to Washington DC with James Dunn for my Chruch and State in America class. We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) and will return on Sunday. We will be listening to various people from various religions talk about church/state people. We will be hearing from both sides. For example, we will have a speaker from George Bush's justice department, as well as a speaker from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. I will try to post some pictures from Washington here over the weekend, so keep your eyes open. When we get back, we have our final for that class on Tuesday, and we have to write a response paper on the trip, which I will post here if it is any good. That will end this class which will give me more time to work on other classes, which is great!

On a technical note, I went back to the Blogger commenting system because they have made some improvements, and it is easier for me to update when Blogger has new features available. Unfortunately, that means we loose the older comments, but this makes things easier for me, and we all know that's what is important!

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