Saturday, September 10, 2005

Reading So Far

Just to give you an idea of the reading required for this degree, here are my reading assignments through yesterday.

1. Read all of Writings of the Apostolic Fathers - 192 pages
2. Read 169 Pages of The Early Church
3. Read first 58 pages of A History of Medieval Christianity
4. 41 Pages in Documents of the Early Church
5. 132 pages of The Hidden Lives of Congregations
6. 81 pages in Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
7. Approximately 30 pages in The Jewish Study Bible
8. 59 pages in Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams in America
9. Numerous other articles either on reserve, on the Internet, or handed out in class.

Without the last one, that's 762 pages of reading so far! Could someone remind me why I am here again? :)

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