Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good News!

Good news! Gay just received a call from First Baptist Church of Statesville, and will start there as their Minister to Preschoolers and Children on Sunday, September 25th. She had a great interview with them last night, and she is very excited about the job.

Statesville is about 40 minutes from our house, and the drive is all interstate. So, the commute time for her will be about what it was to Bayshore, although the distance will be longer. She will be working 3 Days a week: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

This job is just another sign that we are doing the right thing. I am very proud of Gay, and I am also very excited for her. This move has not been easy for either of us, but God never promised the journey would be easy. He just promised to be with us.

I will post the answers to the questions I asked tomorrow. I have been swamped with work this week, and haven't had much time to do anything other than read and write about the History of Christianity. I'll try to post a personal update as well.

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