Friday, June 03, 2005

Condos, Councils and Callings, but no Contract!

I know I have not posted for a while, and trust me, the posts will pick up once we get moved. We are still trying to sell the house, and I would really appreciate everyone's prayers that it will sell soon.

We visited Winston-Salem last week, and we now have a good idea of the possible housing options. We have choices in several price ranges, but we really like the ones at the top of our range. (Of course!) That being said, there are certainly some others that will work out just fine for us. Gay also had a great job interview for a Children's Minister job while we were there, and even has one other church job possibility, so everything appears to be falling into place there.

I hadn't posted here that Gay is getting ordained with me. I have thought since late last year that she was really feeling a call into ministry, and that she was denying it. (I have some experience with that, you know!) I am extremely excited and proud that she is being ordained with me, and I am looking forward to the service. (Sunday, June 12, 6pm at Bayshore Baptist Church.) We both had our Ordination Councils last Wednesday, and we both found them to be very fulfilling experiences.

Today is our anniversary! We met exactly 6 years ago today, and were married 5 years ago today. I love you, Gay!

With everything that has been going on, it has been hard to find time to post here. But I plan to use this blog to document my Seminary experience, so the posting will pick up considerably once I get moved.


grandma1 said...

Your move to NC reminds me of my move there in 1952. I flew into Winston-Salem with a 6 months old baby boy. My Marine Corp. husband was waiting for me. I had let him find an apartment for us which turned out to be fine but far from the base at Cherry Point. We experienced a wonderful Baptist church just outside the base. We belonged to a couples sunday school class (a first for the SBC). We even had family beach parties, for those of us young adults far from home and family, we had just a wonderful support group. We even made history in how sunday schools were looked at. Now over 50 years later we are excluded from that church family and the support group we so desperately need. We still believe in the Priesthood the Believer. We believe in the old 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. We believe that the individual has the right to vote their consious. This now seperates from all the Baptist churches in our area.

Gil Gulick said...

I am so sorry to hear that there are no moderate Baptist churches in your area. There is only 1 where we live now in Tampa, but there are a few in Winston-Salem. Luckily, there are new CBF churches starting all the time, so keep an eye open.