Monday, May 09, 2005

Back Online Again!

Our house is finally on the market, and we are probably about 50% packed. If you want to see our home, click here. We both love our house, and we are going to miss is. But, we both know we are doing the right thing and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us. Please be in prayer that our home will sell quickly.

We have contacted a realtor in Winston-Salem, and will be visiting up there Memorial Day weekend to look at housing options. We are hoping to buy a condo in Winston-Salem and move up there at the end of July, first of August. I will feel much more at ease when we have all our housing options lined up.

Gay has sent resumes to several churches and associations, and we hope she will have some job offers soon. We can certainly use your prayers on this front as well.

Now that my life has returned to something closer to normal, I will start blogging some more. I have lots of things I want to say about some of the things that are going on out there, particularly with church-state issues.

Again, Gay and I both appreciate your prayers as we go through this period in our lives.

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Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Rev. Gil,

I'm praying for you and Gay.

If a position comes open in Oklahoma, I'll keep you in mind.