Friday, April 08, 2005

On "Activist Judges"

Well, my laptop is still down. Primarily because I found out the hard drive is "sealed" in the laptop, and can only be removed by a tech, so I have changed backup strategies.

This will be the first political statement I have made in quite a while. But, this is something that needs to be said, so I will say it.

There has been a lot of talk recently about decisions made by "Activist Judges" who are "not accountable to the people" making decisions that are not what the electorate wants. This talk, of course, has primarily been coming from the religious right and conservative republicans in congress.

These people fail to understand that just because something is popular doesn't make it right. Just because 51% of the people are in favor of something, does not make it moral. These are the very reasons the founding fathers designed a government with separation of powers. The higher levels of the judicial branch are not directly elected by the people. This gives them the "freedom" to make the right decisions, without fear of political repercussions. This is how it should be. There are enough checks and balances in our system to make sure that the correct legal decision is made most of the time, and this system needs to remain in place. Is the system perfect? Of course not! I believe that, as a whole, the system works and is not in need of massive changes.

The Republicans, however, are only in control of 2 of the 3 branches of government. And they won't be happy until they make it a perfect 3/3.

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