Monday, February 07, 2005

WFU Update (Edited)

Hello Everyone!

I have an update on Wake Forest.

They have not yet begun interviewing for the Wait Fellowship, yet, so I am still in the running for that. Remember, the these fellowship pay all tuition, fees, books, and also include a living stipend. However I received my merit-based financial aid package today.

The estimated cost of tuition and fees for the next academic year is $14,105. I have been awarded the CBF Leadership Scholarship in the amount of $4,000 a year, and the Wake Forest Divinity School Scholarship in the amount of $5,800 a year.

I am still working on federal financial aid options, and I need to see what Bayshore and Florida CBF can do as well.

I need to let Brite know soon, but it looks like the difference will be about $2,500 a year. I think the difference in the cost of living will make up for that, and Gay and I still see a lot of advantages to attending Wake Forest. So, as of right now our plans have not changed.

Please keep our financial aid situation in your prayers. It would be nice to start school knowing that it has been paid for.

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