Monday, December 27, 2004

Why Wake Forest?

Now that Christmas is over, I hope to be posting more regularly.

I thought I would start by posting a little bit of the decision process that Gay and I have gone through to decide on Wake Forest.

The first, and most important thing, is that we both feel that God is leading us to Wake Forest. When we finished our visit to Wake Forest, we both had an overwhelming feeling that this was where we were supposed to be. We were both very impressed with Brite, but we had a few concerns about the number of CBF churches in the area, and the lack of a CBF church with a contemporary service in the area. There are plenty of CBF churches in the area around Winston-Salem, and the church that meets in Wait Chapel on the campus has a contemporary service on Sunday nights.

One of the things we had heard about Wake Forest was that it was very academic and not ministry oriented. So, this was one of the questions I asked while I was there. The students told me that starting in the second year, you have to do internships. During his address at the luncheon, Dr. Bill Leonard, the dean of the divinity school, said that his goal was to train students who could both preach the gospel and had the academic knowledge to be able to answer the tough questions. I also asked the admissions director about this, and he told me that out of the last class, only 3 students had gone on to further academic study; the rest were in ministry positions. He said they had opportunities for internships in whatever field interested me, from internships at North Carolina CBF to local churches and hospitals.

Financial Aid and housing also affect this decision. Brite had great student housing at good rates, and I was nominated for a CBF leadership scholarship there. That would cover my tuition and probably most of my books. I haven't received an offer for financial aid at Wake Forest yet, but that should happen in the next couple of weeks. As far as I know, it is still possible for me to receive at Wait Fellowship which would pay for my tuition, books, fees, and a living stipend. That fellowship would relieve a LOT of the pressure on me and Gay, so it is definitely something for everyone to pray about. As for housing, the cost of living is low enough in Winston Salem for us to buy a condo or a small house with what we should make on selling our house. That would save us from having to pay tax on what we make on the house.

Both Brite and Wake Forest had excellent libraries and facilities. Personally, I know more about the faculty at Wake Forest, but I have been told that the faculty at Brite is also excellent. Gay and I have heard Dr. Leonard speak on a couple of occasions, and we have always been impressed with his knowledge and insight. We met Dr. James Dunn, the former director of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, at CBF this year, and had lunch with him while we were at Wake Forest. We are both huge supporters of the BJCPA, and the work Dr. Dunn has done with them. I read Dr. Charles Kimball's book, When Religion Becomes Evil, and thought it was excellent.

Gay asked me yesterday if I was disappointed that we weren't going to Brite. I said I was a little disappointed, and that I have nothing bad to say about Brite. We were treated very well there, and we both really liked Fort Worth.

Gay and I would both appreciate your prayers about the financial at at Wake Forest. As I stated earlier, the Wait Fellowship would take a lot of pressure off of the both of us.

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Anonymous said...

guess who? I think you have so many people praying for you and that you and Gay are so open to His will that as things progress you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt where you belong. Know you are loved and prayed for by people you do not know.