Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Keep your Eyes on the Goal

I was asked to write a devotional for Bayshore's annual advent devotional guide. Since it relates to my call into ministry, I decided to post it here as well.

January 4, 2005
Keep Your Eyes on the Goal
Joshua 3:14-17
Gil Gulick

Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” In Joshua 3, the flooded Jordan river stood between the Israelites and the city of Jericho. The obstacles we encounter in our own faith journeys are usually not that concrete or dramatic, but any obstacle, real or imagined, can prevent us from doing God's will in our lives.

When I first felt God calling me into ministry, I took my eyes off of the goal and concentrated on the obstacles. I even thought it was my responsibility to make God aware of these obstacles as well. Although I had no doubt that full-time ministry was God's goal for my life, there were times I was too afraid to even try sticking my foot in the water. When I finally found the courage to take a step of faith into the flooded river, the water from upstream stopped flowing, and I was able to cross to the other side and put the obstacle behind me. Imagine how foolish I felt for being so afraid and forgetting that I was not alone on my journey.

God does not promise us that our journey will be easy, but he does promise to always be with us. Consequently, I would like to make a slight change to what Henry Ford said: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off of God.”

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