Friday, November 05, 2004

Brite Divinity School Visit

I had my interview and visit at Brite Divinity School today. Brite has been my first choice, and where both Gay and I have been feeling God leading us to go. I saw nothing today that changes that opinion.

The morning started with an interview with the admissions director, Dr. Hagadone. He was extremely friendly, and I felt more like we were having a chat. Gay participated in the interview as well, and he asked here on several occasions if she had any questions and what her concerns were. Dr. Hagadone answered all of my questions, and I was pleased with all of the answers.

There are several things I like about Brite. First, it is not a Baptist school, but it has a Baptist studies program. This program was developed to provide an alternative to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Southern Baptist) which is also located in Fort Worth. I think I will find studying with students from other denominations both interesting, educational, and useful in my future ministry. By being exposed to other denominations, I will be better able to relate to people from these denominations in my future ministries, and I will still learn what I need to know about my own denomination in the Baptist studies program. All students accepted to Brite receive an automatic grant for 70% of their tuition. Although I don't plan to base my decision on finances, this doesn't hurt. Since Brite is not a Baptist School and has fewer Baptist students, there is less competition for CBF scholarships, and Dr. Hagadone thought I was a great candidate for one of those.

After the interview, Dr. Hagadone took us on a tour of Brite and the rest of the TCU campus. Brite is connected to the TCU chapel and the TCU department of religion. Brite students plan the weekly Tuesday morning worship services in the chapel, and the speaker is often a Brite senior. TCU's library is located immediately adjacent to Brite, which I am sure will prove to be extremely convenient. We then toured the administration building, student center, and other areas of the TCU campus. After this tour, we were able to see a class, although it was ending because all classes end by noon on Friday. Every classroom is Wi-Fi (wireless network) enabled with powerpoint and projector capabilities. (This is true of the entire seminary building and library as well.)

Once this tour ended, we went on a tour of Leibrock Village, the apartment complex for divinity school students. This housing is another advantage at Brite. For $825 a month, we can get a 2 bedroom apartment including all utilities (electricity, phone, water, cable, and internet.) The complex opened 3 years ago, and the apartments were very nice. The tour was conducted by a student (Fester, a very interesting person) and we met several other students as well. We took this opportunity to talk to the students about Brite and Leibrock, and their comments were positive concerning both. Should we decide on Brite, this is where Gay and I will be living.

After the tour of Leibrock, we met with the director of the Baptist studies program at Brite, Ray Vickrey. Although many of our questions had been answered by this point, we were very pleased to be able to meet with him.

I still have several other seminaries to visit, and then I have some praying to do. Dr. Hagadone said the admissions commitee would be meeting at the end of the month, and that I would probably be hearing from them in early December.

I have posted a lot more pictures in my Yahoo Photos gallery. You can visit it by clicking here. Gay took these pictures, and they give you a great idea of how beautiful the campus is.

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