Friday, October 15, 2004

My Call, Part 1

I thought it would be appropriate to start this blog by telling the story of my call into full-time ministry. I will be writing my thoughts and experiences here not just for my family to read, but also as a personal journal for me. Recently, I have found writing to be a great release. It gives me the ability to process a lot of what I am feeling, and put into words the thoughts and emotions that have been so strong they have almost overwhelmed me at times.

I think that every person's call into ministry is a little bit different. I think that God comes to us where we are, knows exactly what he needs to do for us to hear him, and that some of us will require a little more convincing than others. Some people may require the "burning bush"; while for others, a still, small voice is all it takes.

I think it is difficult for people who have not had this experience, or been very close to someone who has, to understand it. Some may think I am being overdramatic in my writing, but believe me when I tell you it comes from my heart. For me, it has been an extremely intense and personal event in my life. I think it can be as dramatic a change as getting married or having a baby. Once it happens, you are never the same. I have to admit there were times I wished it would just go away, but God just wouldn't give up on me.

I have always felt I was doing God's will in the academic and occupational decisions, and I still feel that way. I studied broadcasting in College, and throughout college I was active in the TV ministry at Seminole Heights Baptist Church, and I have been a sound technician since then as well. When I decided to come back and work for my father, I felt I was doing God's will as well. We had some success for several years, and I don't regret the decision even though the past few years have been tough. I don't believe God was calling me into full time ministry until about a year ago. So, why did he wait until I was 33, married, and settled in my first house? I don't know. That's the only answer I have right now. I may be able to figure it out some time in the future, but even if I can't, I am fine with that. There is one thing I do know. I know for certain that God is calling me into the ministry -- there is no doubt in my mind, and I consider that to be a blessing.

Because I am older, I am not the only person this decision this affects. I am very lucky that my wife, Gay, has completely supported me. She is going to be giving up a lot to support me in this, a good job, great friends, and a house that she loves. The only explanation is that she loves me more. I can't do this without her, and I am so blessed that God put this beautiful, understanding and wonderful woman in my life.

I'll write about some more of the specific events in my next few postings.

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