Sunday, October 31, 2004

A Good Day

Gil, Gay and our pastor, Steve Hadden.
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Today was a great day. At the end of each of the services, Gay and I went down to the front of the church to inform the church of my decision to go to seminary and pursue a career in full-time ministry.

For those of you who don't know. I went to Bayshore as a kid from the time I was 3 until I was about 12. When I was 12, my Family moved to Lutz, and we moved to First Baptist Church of Lutz for a few years before going to Seminole Heights Baptist. I returned to Bayshore in 1998 shortly before Bayshore hired my former pastor from Seminole Heights, Dr. Tom Pinner. I started working on Sundays for Bayshore in 2001. In December of that year, Gay started working for Bayshore by filling in for another secretary who was on maternity leave. In 2002, she was hired full time as a secretary for Nancy Burke our minister of congregational life. Both of us really feel at home at Bayshore, and we will both miss the people at Bayshore once we leave.

Nearly everyone at Bayshore has been very supportive of my decision. All of the ministers have given me a lot of good advice, written letters of recommendation, and helped me work through all of the issues and questions that have come up during this process.

It was great to have our new pastor, Steve Hadden, Nancy Burke, and Tom Pinner all standing at the front of the church with us. Its nice to know that there will be so many people praying for us as we start this journey.

We will be leaving on Thursday to start visiting schools, and I will be posting pictures and updates here throughout the trip.

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